Building Consensus in Oceanside

masterplanDown in Oceanside, California, a land-use conundrum was brewing. Stirling Development had quietly developed Ocean Ranch Corporate Center into a world-class industrial park with tenants such as IDEC (now Genentec) Pharmaceuticals, Coca-Cola, and Titleist.

With the masterplan complete and most of the land spoken for, one parcel remained. The 30-acre plot didn’t enjoy the same accessibility for industrial use as the other building sites; in fact, it was landlocked by existing residential neighborhoods. Stirling engaged PVA to assemble and lead a team to engage the community, school district and local leaders and City Council members in order to build consensus on the proper zoning for the parcel.

Vandermost developed an action plan to ascertain public opinion, focus on and mitigate the key issues of concern about the proposed changes to Oceanside’s general plan. In a series of small and large community group meetings, Stirling was able to demonstrate how a residential use would be a much better fit for the community and generate greater revenues for the city and school district.

The City Council responded positively to the level of care shown for Stirling’s planning and consensus building efforts and voted unanimously to amend it’s general plan and the Ocean Ranch specific plan to allow the proposed residential use to move forward.

The homebuilder, John Laing Homes, then hired PVA to help successfully process the tentative tract map for the new neighborhood.


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